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We are offering swim team swimsuits and spirit wear through the swim outlet this year! The suits are the same suits that we offered during the 2022 season. We have a sizing kit for the swimsuits so you may try on to get the correct swimsuit size when you order. All orders you make will be sent directly to you. Try on dates will be Tuesday May 16th and Thursday May 18th at the pool from 6pm to 8pm. 

The FSC Team Store can be found at

Here you will find our team suits, as well as custom spirit wear and apparel for our team/pool.

Team suits are strongly encouraged to be bought by all team members. Please order suits well in advance of the season to ensure that they arrive for the first meet!

For the boys suits, we are offering:

-TYR Jammers, sizes 22-38

-TYR Briefs (“speedos”), sizes 22-38

For the girls suits, we are offering:

-TYR Diamondfit (thin straps), sizes 22-40

-TYR Maxfit (thick straps), sizes 22-40

If you need to check sizes, we have a sizing kit available at the pool for sizes 22-34 of the TYR Jammers and TYR Maxfit (thick straps).

***Note: For the girls suits, we only have thick straps available for sizing, However, there is no difference in sizing between the thin and thick straps - the only difference is in the strap thickness.

If you do not purchase team suits, suits worn for swim meets are required to be all black or a combination of green and black or green and blue.


Spirit wear is completely optional, but we highly recommend showing your FSC spirit with this customized apparel! There are many options available, including sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

10% of the proceeds from our team store go back to our swim team. Order soon to make sure your spirit wear arrives in time!

If you have any questions, please email me -

540-347-9719 (no phone service in the offseason) 7440 Mill House Ln, Warrenton, VA 20187

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